"I can't think about elk for a minute without getting fired up!  I wish everyone could experience a late September elk hunt during the rut.  There is nothing like it."

I live for hunting, I have made it my lifestyle

Jimmy Herman

Pleasantville, WI

Learn About Jimmy

Who introduced you to the outdoors and hunting?

Both my dad and brother introduced me to hunting around the same time.  They were and still are avid bow and rifle hunters.  

Some of my fondest memories were of when I would tag along on bow hunts with my dad long before I was old enough to hunt.  He had an old 4 wheeled Ben Pearson bow and I would follow behind him with this little red Bear bow that they had bought me from somewhere like Kmart and we would just sit up in the tree stand and he'd show me how to be still and how to really train your eye for wildlife movement.  It's really amazing to me after learning at such a young age and knowing what to look for when hunting, how I can be traveling on tour and picking elk and deer out in the fields and the rest of my band has no idea what I'm looking at.  To me it's such an obvious ability.  Even being as young as I was, I think what got me hooked on the outdoors and probably what is still the thing that drives me most is that feeling of adventure.  At times we'd be sitting there and my dad or my brother would be looking with that thousand mile stare and my blood would be pumping without really knowing why.  

What drives you in your hunting ENDEAVORS? 

It's the challenge.  As humans, we don't really live in the woods.  We can't completely without fail predict what animals are going to do and where they're going to be when we're hunting.  As much time as we spend in an animals habitat, we never really know 100% where an animal is or will be.  Every time I go into the mountains or head to my tree stand, I'm walking right into that animal's house. And nobody knows their home better than they do.  You can go off your best educated guess, but unless you can literally see the animal you're hunting; you really don't know.  There's something about having the odds stacked against me that get's me fired up and desires to accept a challenge.  There is nothing more rewarding than going into an area, playing that chess game, and connecting with an illusive bull or buck.  It's the trueness of the hunt that drives me and keeps me wanting to work harder and be better.  I want to be in better physical condition than I was on the previous hunt.. I want to be a more accurate shot than I was on the previous hunt.  I want to have better patience.. Etc. etc.. The better I can be as an all around hunter.. The more successful I will be.  You learn something about yourself and hunting every time you get out there.  There's always something new you pick up and can add to your skill set.  I have the desire to learn it all. To figure it all out and win the game.  Always give everything you have and be prepared for the moment of truth, then there is no failure in a hunt.  


What is something you do different in your preparation for a hunt or even during a hunt? 

 Every hunting situation is different. But again it comes back to the consistency of my preparation. I don't just sit down the week before a hunt, gather my gear and hope for the best when the season opens. If I am moving in to hunt something somewhere, there is a reason I'm there. All the scouting and training has put me in that particular location or hunt for a reason. I never go into a situation without some type of plan of attack. I am very serious about my scouting. If i had to break it down I would say my hunting season is made up 95% scouting time and 5% hunting. As we all know, no matter how great your plan sounds in theory, it never seems to work out exactly how we plan it. So having the ability to anticipate and make your adjustments on the fly as the moment of truth unfold. Is the essential difference maker and a result of consistent preparation.

What makes you different than other hunters?

Just the fact that I travel the world playing music gives me opportunities to hunt literally around the world.  I have met so many people that share the passion for hunting like I do and that camaraderie has developed into having some strong relationships within the hunting industry worldwide.  Even if I'm not the one with the tag, if I can tag along on a stag hunt in New Zealand or a sheep hunt in the Northwest territories, I will!  The experience of being out there and what you can learn being on any hunt is invaluable to your own success when you are the one holding the tag.   

I love everything about hunting.  It could just be the fact that I love that it's hard work.  I also love strategy. The puzzle.  To be an ultimate hunting athlete.  The ultimate "Predator" if you will.  You have to be strategic.  It takes planning.  I look at my hunts for the year.  I look at the terrain and elements that I have to endure and I will fine tune my fitness training so I am prepared for the hard work it will take to maneuver that specific territory with a loaded pack and a bow.   I'll scout and find sign.. I'll look for consistencies in animal movement.  Trail cameras are invaluable for this.  I will practice shooting my bow in excessive ranges so that I am confident in realistic shooting distances.  etc etc. 

I live for hunting. I've made it my lifestyle.

What do you hunt?

Whitetail Deer, Elk, Antelope, Turkey, Coyote, and Bear  

What is something you do different in your preparation for a hunt or even during a hunt?

I know guys growing up that would shoot their bows and rifles maybe a couple times a few days before season, go out on opening day and kill a huge buck.  Loading it into the truck was their one workout for the year too.  I'm not that kind of guy.  I have to work at it.  It doesn't feel right unless I really work and prepare for a hunt.  I spend the entire year working out, conditioning my body, and shooting my bow every day in order for me to feel I am ready for the challenge ahead.  The harder the terrain, the more confidence I have that if I can go where most hunters won't, I will be rewarded with an opportunity at shooting a trophy animal.  To be able to do that, I need to be in top physical condition and I need to be as proficient with my bow as I can possibly be.    

What hunt is at the top of your bucket list?

Backpack Bowhunting for a Dall Sheep and a Grizzly in the Northwest Territories.  

Why do you wear Predator Camo?

The fact that it's been on the market for over the last 25 years with minimum changes to the pattern and is still a leader in the hunting industry is an obvious indicator that Predator camo works.  It works everywhere.  The pattern alone isn't the only reason I wear Predator.  It's the athletic fit, the warmth and the way it breathes too.  It functions great without uncomfortable restrictions or bulkiness.