There's nothing more bone chilling then hearing bulls bugling on a crisp September morning.

I am a shed freak, i find it to be an invaluable tool for prepairing for the next year

Name: Joe McCafferty

From: West Bend, WI

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What Drives you in your Endeavor?

Providing meat for my family and friends. On top of that you never know what might be lurking around the next corner or over the next peak.

What makes you different than other hunters? 

My ability to scout year round in the areas close to home. Living right in the heart of mule deer and elk country we are able to get out well before the season to glass and set a bunch of cameras to see what's out there. I also like to think out of the box and try and go where other guys don't like to go.

What is something you do different in your preparation for a hunt or even during a hunt? 

Considering we do most of our hunting within a couple hours from home, I think that nothing beats a good night's sleep in your own bed before a long grueling hike. It also gives you the upper hand on being very versatile from day to day. 

Bucket List hunt?

The one hunt at the top of my bucket list is definitely Alaskan Yukon moose. What a beast of an animal to live around all those predators and survive year after year. The thought of being spitting distance from an animal that weighs 3/4 of a ton will get your blood flowing.

Why do you wear Predator camo?

Predator Camo to me is probably one of the most versatile camo's on the market today. They have been able to come up with the best open pattern technology from the elk woods in the west to the whitetail woods out east.

"If I had to hunt one species the rest of my life I would have to say elk. There's nothing more bone chilling then hearing bulls bugling on a crisp September morning."


As an avid archery hunter I like to hunt mule deer and elk. The toughest part about hunting multiple species during the archery season, is trying to split the time to be the most effective for both. Generally i like to start out for deer while they are still lazy and in velvet. The better part of the season is then spent looking for bugling bulls.