The majority of my hunting takes place before the actual season even starts. 

"I looked at him and he said "Elk Fever will do that"

Nick Sweeny

Sheridan, WY

 About Nick

Who introduced you to the outdoors and hunting?

Growing up in the small town of Ten Sleep Wyoming (300 people) you can imagine that there is a lot of outdoor hobbies to take advantage of.  The one that turned into a passion for me was hunting the big horn mountains with my dad and my brothers.  Ever since I can remember, October was the time of year that I got to spend time in the mountains with my family with nobody else but us.  Even before I was allowed to carry a gun I still wanted to go and put in the work trying to find the deer and elk.  But then the time came when I could get a license of my own. It was just my dad and I in the mountains on a very overcast and drizzly day in October.  We had spotted some elk way off in the distance and decided to go after them.  The walk began and so did the adrenaline and nerves.  This could be it I thought.  My first elk with my dad.  After about a 2 mile hike we snuck over the ridge to get a real good look at the 30 head of elk just below us at around 300yards away.  There was a rag horn bull with a couple of spikes and the rest were cows and calves. This was before we used range finders in my family but as nervous and as much as I was shaking I am not sure that would have mattered.  I lined up my Sako 25-06 on the spike that was away from the rest a few yards and squeezed off a round.  Miss!!! and off they ran into the trees.  I was defeated at my self for the fact I thought my dad would be disappointed in me.  I looked at him and he said "Elk Fever will do that, come on I know where they are going to go.  We walked through this patch of timber and on the other side sure enough they were just milling around in the sagebrush on the edge at about 150yards.  I layed down and squeezed another one off and dropped my first elk in his tracks.  It was the best feeling I could have ever imagined.  After all the years of watching my brothers and my dad I finally got to get one myself.  My dad gave me hug and said, " We wont go hungry this winter, well done" From that point on I was more than hooked.  It was my passion to become the best hunter I could ever dream of.  In the later years of hunting I got into archery hunting, as it is much more challenging trying to get up close and personal with the Elk.  I plan every year around September and October to be able to grab my bow and put on the camo and face paint and live the passion and fulfill the desire that I have for hunting.  Thanks to my Dad Kermit Sweeny.

What drives you in your hunting endeavors?

The competitive drive to hunt for my food, beat the elements of Mother Nature, and to find the trophies that everybody else only dreams about. Also the curiosity of gods country and what's over the next ridge. While hunting I get to see places that sometimes only few people will ever set foot. 

What makes you different than other hunters?

 I have the drive to go places nobody else is willing to go and the patience to overcome any frustrations along the way. 


If you had to hunt one animal for the rest of your life what would it be?


What hunt is at the top of your bucket list?

Grizzly bear/brown bear

What is something you do different in your preparation for a hunt or even during a hunt?

 The majority of my hunting takes place before the actual season even starts. Scouting, trail cams, many miles of hiking, and conditioning my body to be able to complete my hunt no matter where it may lead. 

What else defines your or what else should we know about you that makes you who you are?

 I guess what defines me is my character, passion and will to constantly better myself and never settle for average. One thing that makes me who I am is the fact that I would give up all my luxuries of today's society to be in the mountains with my bow and my future wife.